Não- contacto e composto Vision Automatic Measuring Machine AutoScan Series (tipo de Ponte Gantry)

Interface de demonstração de medição:

Apresentação do caso:

Perfil Da empresa:

(F Company) A company professional in computer, communications, consumer electronics and other 3C products research and development and manufacturing, widely involved in automotive components, cloud computing services and new energy, new materials development and application of high-tech enterprises.
Analysis and resolution of testing requirements:
Measurement requirements: a quick batch measurement of fixture size, multi-layer plainness and height difference, positioning pin diameter, position, etc.

Solution: Using the optical way, we establish an initial reference point at the intersection of the left and bottom outer frames, which is convenient for subsequent operation to pick up and put the product to run the test repeatedly; By means of laser, the datum of the whole product can be established by taking points on the upper surface, sink position and subsidence surface. Then self-actuating calculation of flatness and sinking height difference, and using optical lens and camera method to test the positioning pin diameter. The whole process took about 210s, or three and a half minutes, to test 100 complex sizes. That make the customer chooses us again, thanks F department company buys more products again!!

Introdução Da máquina:

Non-contact and compound Automatic Vision Measuring Machine Auto Scan432 (Gantry bridge type) is mainly used for testing flatness, thickness, warping degree, coating thickness, roughness, perpendicularity, length, width, height, aperture, pitch, thread and so on of products such as plates, PCB and devices and etc. (widely used in stamping, CNC, die casting, welding, forging, line cutting, and other processes of high precision measurement) Semiconductor industry, PCB industry, machining industry, MSA, GPS, SPC